Jeju wild blackberry extract

Name of extract

Jeju wild blackberry extract

Name of plant

Rubus Hirsutus Fruit Extract (INCI NAME, Trade Name)

Application field

Cosmetics (whitening, anti-wrinkle,
hair condition improvement-depilatory
effect and hair growth enhancement), drink additives, etc.

Origin and form

• Form-50cm-100cm small-sized bush, alternate leaves with 4.0-10.0cm length and 4.0-9.0cm width,3-7 small leaves, pinnate compound leaf, lanceolate.
Fur (grandular hair) observed in both sides with dots.
Leafstalk is 1.5-3.5cm with fine thorns and fur, thorns also exist in rachis.
Thorns also exist in stems of stem.
Stem is filled with white color.
White flowers blossom from late March-mid May.
1 flower is hung on branch with 5 petals with 1.5-1.9cm length and 1.0-1.2cm width.
Fur exists on petals and on lower part of the interior.
Calyx is curled inward and is pushed outward when fruits mature.
Round fruits with approximately 1.5cm diameter ripen in red color in May.

• Dispersion-Korea (Southern island), dispersed in southern parts of Japan, China

Form of extract

Liquid extract-eliminate color

Main substance and function

• Ellagic acid
Whitening function, anti-wrinkle effect. Ellagic acid blocks process in which skin collagen is destroyed and infection is formed by ultraviolet rays, the main cause for wrinkles.
Clarified through skin experiement conducted on human skin cell and rat.
Also, ellagic acid is verified to reduce manifestation of substances (ICAM) related with inflammatory response in human skin cells to protect skin (Professor Younghee Kang of Hallym University present in '2009 Experimental Biology Meeting' of American Society of Nutrition (ASN))


Patent registration (cosmetic composite for skin whitening including R. hirsutus extract and ellagic acid, No.10-0935329)

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